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  1. Hi All! Welcome to the Brand NEW Forum for GameWatchGuys!
  2. hi it's me neil but my user name is neilball
  3. Which 2 watches are missing... Or more?
  4. Greetings everyone!
  5. Hi everybody!
  6. Nelsonic pacman watch (joystick versions) history
  7. My WWG's Database (as of August 03, 2012)
  8. If anyone has trouble uploading their AVATAR please let me know.
  9. Hello fellow Geeks!!!
  10. Welcome to the forum. Please read before registering!
  11. x2 WWG's simulators available
  12. WWG's that i depated with 2 years ago...
  13. TEST - Sly's WWG collection
  14. It's "Upay" time! (lol!)
  15. 2 new forums
  16. Poor kids of today. The game watches they have just don't cut it!
  17. frogger watch features?
  18. Other good related forums
  19. Game Pen!
  20. The worst thing about selling some of your collection...
  21. hello to every one
  22. USA to Intl. Shipping Prices UP! WAAAY UP!
  23. Hello friends!
  24. Free new game and watch Ball.
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  26. nice to meet you......
  27. Hello everybody.
  28. Then and Now Game Watch review.
  29. hi all guys!!
  30. Plane and Tank Battle - a great watch
  31. Casio 2-Button Game Series
  32. so done
  33. Halion
  34. Hello from Germany :-)