View Full Version : We should remove some *NOT WWG's* listed in the members database...

02-06-2014, 06:29 AM
Hi folks,

I was checking out the main web site and check out if other members listed new WWG's,
but i saw some watches that should be figured into another category since they don't
even have a game (or games) built-in.

I wrote down all the watches that should be put into a specific category like: "NOT a WWG but Cool"...

* Casio Melody 30
* Unknown Radio Watch
* Ideal Toy Corp Wrist Quiz (technically has a game but NO LCD screen display)
* Unknown Sound Machine
* Impulse Voltron
* Tiger Talkboy
* Lucasfilm R2D2
* Nelsonic Talking Watch
* Radio Shack LCD Talking Watch
* Unisonic Dukes of Hazzard (any kind that doesn't have the RACE game)
* Interact Game Boy Watch
* Armitron Monopoly
* Nintendo/Sasco Gameboy Watch
* Nintendo Zelda Flip Watch
* Takara Kronoform Transformers
* Nintendo Game Boy Watch
* Mani/Nintendo "Watch Boy"
* GCE Chase-N-Counter (err..that's a handheld! I know..related to GCE WWG's but...)
* Unknown Horoscope
* Waltham Confederate
* Citizen Round Calculator
* Pulsar Calculator
* Radio Shack Vox Watch
* Cheong Koon XXX-Rated (tsk..tsk..Naughty you!!)
* Unknown Lighter
* Unknown Photo Holder
* Alba Alarm Chronometer
* Playmates Dick Tracy 2
* Nelsonic Recorder
* MGA Pen Pac-Man
* CompuChron Calculator
* Timex Thermometer
* Nintendo Game Boy (geezuz..so many GB look-alike)
* Unknown Transformers

And last, is it only a animated watch or really has a game: Kelton Snoppy Tennis ???

Which makes 36 watches that should not figured as WWG on the main site (+ 1 more if Snoopy is animated).
What do you think folks ?

02-08-2014, 12:33 PM
I agree with that
To my mind? a WWG is a watch primarily, with a game to play.
The Ghostbusters game only version isnt a watch,so more WG rather than WWG:D

03-11-2014, 03:19 PM
Exactly urbanflyman. A watch primary function is to keep time on your wrist so a WWG (Wrist Watch Game) is for telling time
and includes a game (or games).

The Nelsonic Ghostbusters (the common one) is indeed a WG (Wrist Game), same as the Disney Winnie the Pooh and if i remember
correctly, also the Ribena Promotional watch.

Humm....now i'm wondering how many WG there is. We should begin a list here:

* Nelsonic Ghostbusters (common)
* Disney Winnie the Pooh
? Ribena Promo watch