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Thread: The worst thing about selling some of your collection...

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    The worst thing about selling some of your collection...

    HI all.
    The worst thing about selling some of your collection...

    Probably the rude and just unfriendly buyers. A shame to sell to people that just don't have basic friendliness and courtesy.


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    I know what you mean. Seems everybody is a game watch scholar and boy they are quick to message and tell you what its

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    It's really funny. We could probably have a huge thread about all of the stories. One of my latest was a guy who contacted me about the Dukes watch. He offered $100 and really expected me to take it for some reason. He stated they that $100 is what they "typically" go for. I told him I sold many of the Dukes watches on eBay in the past 2 years for about $200 - $225 and they sell quick. I actually sold this last one last week for $200 also. He was basing his appraisal on a single eBay sale that only. It was an auction for a Dukes game watch and a Dukes calculator watch which sold for $200.

    One of the craziest situations is that the low ballers don't believe they are low ballers. For some crazy reason in their minds it is not a low ball offer. I really don't mind low ball offers though. I just let the offer sit and they help to sell the item. Other people see the offers pending and they quickly buy the watch at full price. I have sold many this way.

    Ah, I could go on and on.

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    OOOHHHH so funny! I'm such a hypochondriac that sometimes I just have to click buy now. Scared I won't ever see it

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    So far I sold:
    Clown by Imado
    Monkey Business by Bandai with BOX!
    Super Mario Bros
    Kung Fu by Tiger
    Space Invaders Trafalgar
    Space Invaders by Timex
    Kelton Challenger
    Donkey Kong by Nelsonic, great condition with package
    Casio Straight Flush Poker
    Star Trek Wrath of Kahn Black button version
    Nixon Pong
    Sexxum X-Rated Animated watch
    Casio Basketball
    Dukes of Hazzard with box NEW!
    Citizen Round Calculator
    Nelsonic Soccer partially working
    Nelsonic Space Attacker New but not working

    No name brand:
    Submarine, Witch, Football, Dragon, Monkey, Frog, Cat & Mice

    I thinned out the collection a little. I needed some money for a trailer I'm building. I think most of the rest will stay in the collection.
    I hope these watches aren't lost forever. Most of the buyers were invited to this forum to stay in touch. Many are already members.
    This is great so we can keep a nice close knit community and the watches will be preserved within it.

    If anyone want to sell a watch please post notice here first so the watches can pssibly stay within the our small group.


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