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Thread: Tomy Wrist Bowling watch not working

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    Tomy Wrist Bowling watch not working

    Hi All,

    I am a new member.

    I resently found my Tomy Wrist Bowling watch I bought new in the last 70s from a sport goods store in Myrtle Beach SC when I was a kid on vacation with my Parents.

    It is not working, so I bought (2) new replacements batteries (Nuon 357) to replace the batteries I removed (EPX76). After I replaced the batteries, the watch is still not working.

    I did see the forum TIP of putting the watch in a ziplock bag for a month with silicon gel packs.

    Any other ideas would be appreciated.


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    I would open up and check contacts on board. Usually the negative side is corroded first. Open it and post a few high res pics here and we can take a look.

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    Not working at all,is often better than not working as it should!
    And what John describes,falls on the former!

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