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Thread: Look what I found in the weekend

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    Look what I found in the weekend

    Hello GameWatchGuys. First off all thanks for the GWG website and sharing all the information on these cool watches. I found out about this site, because I was searching for information on two Game Watch items I have bought on a fleamarket last weekend.

    I'am a Nintendo collector for some time and this weekend I found these two Nintendo Game watches on a fleamarket that I bought for one Euro a piece and it is a nice addition to my collection.
    Before this weekend i was quite uneducated about Game Watches, but thanks to this site I know more now. Hereby some pictures of the items:


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    Nice to meet you. That was a helluva good deal. I have never seen the back of the Tetris watch before, really cool.
    Good luck collecting. Maybe we need some good Fleamarkets like the ones you have!

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    Oh that was a great deal! Look to be in good condition. Those are the European releases I believe. Here in the U.S. we see more manufactured by mani for mario race and m.z. berger when it comes to the tetris watch.Thus when it comes to resale, you will get more outside your country. Tetris is very very common and will sell for less than mario race in most cases. As you might have discovered, both watches were made in different colors and variations. Good job getting these and hope that helps a little : )

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