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Thread: Watch band replacements

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    Watch band replacements


    Has anyone figured out suitable watch band replacements for some of the Game Watch models? I know I have a loose Tomy Bowling Game Watch in storage, without the band- would love to get a replacement.

    More importantly, I have some of those Tomy Watchman Game Watches for sale and sometimes the watch bands are not as strong as they used to be. Does anyone have any suggestions for a replacement for those (not to replace myself, but for anyone who buys them and actually wears the watch and breaks the band). I was looking at this (Amazon link), and I'm tempted to order one just to see if it fits.

    The watch takes a slip in type band, not the kind with the small metal cross bar.


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    Hey Ian!!!! How you've been doing ?!?

    It's been quite a time since we last wrote to each others. To reply to your question,
    i simply go to the nearest jewelry/watch store and check out the wristbands they have
    and if i don't see a match, i ask the clerk to find one.

    Sometimes buying wristbands from a jewelry/watch store is more expensive but at least
    i'm sure that i have the right one and they usually install it for you. Better than buying online
    and they don't fit or are simply cheaply made so you waste your money.

    And if the store doesn't have the right wristband, they can order it for you at a good price.

    BTW old chum, how many WWG's you have now ?
    --- Sly DC ---

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    Hello, sorry for replying to this old topic, but I am looking for advice on how to swap the wrist strap or the clasp (Sorry, I am not even sure that this is the correct English word for it) of a Mario Bros 3 Watch, any advice before I ruin anything? :-)
    I have ordered one of these watch strap push tool sets just to realize that these won't really help me with this watch...

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