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Thread: Slydc's database

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    urbanflyman: On my web site, i intentionally "blanked" the logo on the Jungle Kong watch (it was the Meister Anker logo BTW)

    Ok, now...about the first ever it is:

    The "Unitrex Datatime Monte Carlo" (Gold Edition)

    I wanted to finish a simulator of the WWG before unraveling it but waht the heck,
    just be a bad boy and brag...LOL!!!

    The silver edition can be seen on the web site of "Pocket Calculators Show"
    (this one actually)

    And here's a snapshot for the Popular Science magazine, Dec.1977:

    I'll take better pictures of this WWG soon (and clean it). =)
    --- Sly DC ---

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    Wow wee!!!
    1st game watch!!! and a metallic strap!
    Let us know more about the game play soon?
    Great find

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    Amazing find, Sly! I'd never heard of that one! I didn't realize game watches went back into the 1970s.

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    Thanks very much guys!

    Until proven otherwise, the "Unitrex Datatime Monte Carlo" is the Holy Grail of all WWG`s as the "Magnavox Odyssey" is
    the Holy Grail of all Video Games Consoles/Systems. I wanted one for a couple years when i saw the silver one but was hard
    to find until i discovered which company released it.

    Here's a "copy-paste" review form the News Scope magazine, page 25, August 2 - 1977:

    "An on-the-wrist gambling casino is the latest feature to be packaged into an LCD digital watch. Based on a random-number generator in the watch circuitry, three games are available simply by pressing a Game and a Display switch: Jack Pot, Dice, and Roulette.

    Jack Pot displays three random numbers, from 1 through 6, to simulate the three spinning wheels of a slot machine. Dice displays two random numbers from 1 to 6 to imitate the roll of a pair of dice. Roulette winds up with a number from 1 to 36, as in the spinning of a roulette wheel. The watch is appropriately named the Monte Carlo. Gaming, timing, and other functions are controlled by four switches on the watch by Unitrex in New York City. One switch, the normal time display, is also used in playing the games. A second is the Game switch, which selects the three games.... A Light switch turns on back illumination for night viewing, while a Set switch is used to set the time.

    All three games use the same pseudo-random generator.... In the Game modes, the normal timing logic is locked out and the random numbers are displayed."

    Personal note: All three games are rudimentary compared to Nelsonic or Casio ones, but it is the very first
    watch to have a game , in fact to have three games. Just remember that in 1977, it was the invasion of so
    many Pong consoles and the beginning of programmable video games.
    --- Sly DC ---

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    Thats fantastic!
    A Real piece of WWG history and the Holy grail of course

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