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Thread: Plane and Tank Battle - a great watch

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    Plane and Tank Battle - a great watch

    Hi there!

    I have just joined this list, and I was very happy to find it on the Internet. I have only ever owned one game watch. I have a vague memory of it (it broke many years ago, back in 1982 in the UK), it was “Plane and Tank Battle”. I sent off for it probably from an advert in a comic. I seem to remember it had two buttons on each side, which suggests it was the Gamma 2 version (not the Nelsonic version). But I cannot find any info about Gamma 2. Is it Gamma Two Games that became Columbia Games in 1982?
    I have searched on eBay but cannot find any Gamma 2 items at all.
    If anyone here has a Gamma 2 “Plane and Tank Battle” watch they would be interested in selling, or knows where I can get one, please let me know!


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    Hi Watchman and welcome to the forum
    Go to:- the list of makes on the right hand side shows Gamma 2 watches!
    And 'Planes and tanks' is there!!!
    You could ask John (Gamewatchguy) if he knows anyone that might sell one? or just keep looking!
    Its says 7/10 for rarity

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    Thanks for that info urbanflyman! I have sent Gamewatchguy a PM~

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    Looks a fun watch! hope you find one!
    I have just found the watch I wanted and its 10/10! so anything is possible! lol

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    Hi Watchman,

    If you can't find a "Plane and Tank Battle" Gamma 2 WWG then there is the less rarer version from Nelsonic.
    Or if you want a bigger screen then check out "Upay" under the same name, you will find LCD games with the
    same background and game play as any WWG's like Tandy or Radio Shack:

    Or a Nelsonic one (just the name differs between Nelsonic and Gamma2) for $65:

    --- Sly DC ---

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