Hi Z3ldanator,

Thanks for the response. I thought we were getting a bit off topic on that thread so I started a new one here.
Here's what you wrote:


Hello there Game Watcher,
I thought about starting on the Casio collection myself after I complete the set Im going for now. Although I have made a list of the Casio watches with example pictures, the availability and the high prices has made me realize I will likely never collect them. Casio are higher end watches. Plus I would have to have the whole Casio collection and there's a few that are more like a grand or so if it even comes up. (I guess I could probably just pick a couple that I like for example the golf one for sure.) And as far as location for these auctions, could be anyone's guess I suppose. The US and Japan loves their electronics and they might not be coming off of them that often and if they do list it for sale its an appalling amount. Then there are those watches lost in attics, basements, and storage somewhere. Anyways....just my two cents. But patience and cash is key for collecting Casio.


Yeah, I can see why the Casios are popular, because they're made in Japan and have a cool design. I grew up in the 80s and remember seeing the Nelsonics, Nintendo Game & Watch, and a bunch of other LCD WWGs through the decade, but I never saw these Casio 2-Button games. Are you from that era too? I'd like to hear if anyone in here ever saw those WWGs in stores in North America. All of the ones on eBay are coming from Europe, the Middle East, and Central/South America which I think is very odd. The only ones showing up in the US were bought from "overseas."