I'm from Denmark so hope you understand my question.

I bought some Omni watches with game second hand some time ago and have just checked 'em. Most of 'em works fine, but a coil have been removed from three of 'em, so they have no sound. Does anyone have some loose coils for sale or information about where I can get some new (or used) coils ?? The coils is 4.44 mm (0.175 inch) across and 2.00 mm (0.079 inch) thick and with two wires to solder to the PCB. Do I need the exact same coils, like those that have been removed or can I use coils from ex Nelsonic watches ?? some Omni and Nelsonic watches are almost identical (maybe Omni was bought by Nelsonic ?!?) so I'm thinking I maybe can use coils from dead Nelsonic watches ?!? or maybe even from other makers ??

Any help will be highly appreciated !!

Thanks for reading !!

Mkael Gitt
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