Hi everybody!

Let me introduce myself, my ny real name is: Sylvain De Chantal but i'm better known as my nickname "Sly DC".
I've been collecting (and archiving) video games, electronic handhelds and wrist watch games for more than 15
years. I'm also president and one of the founders of the C.C.J.V.Q. (Club des Collectionneurs de Jeux Vidéo du
Québec), writer for Digital Press guides and written some video games FAQs.

You can visit my personal web site here: http://www.ccjvq.com/slydc

I have been collecting WWG's (Wrist Watch Games) until 2010 before cutting down my WWG collection (i had
125 WWG) and now i have about 50 or so. I decided to stop collecting WWG's because of high prices demanded
(just see "Casio Game Watch" on Ebay to get the idea) but continue to catalog and archive any WWG's out there
in the wild.

My database has now has 420 wrist watch games (just finished updating it yesturday). So if anyone needs a specific
information, feel free to ask! This is why John created this wonderful web site and this brand new forum.

--- Sly DC ---