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Thread: If anyone has trouble uploading their AVATAR please let me know.

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    If anyone has trouble uploading their AVATAR please let me know.

    HI to all!

    My son had trouble and the screen didn't give him the option to upload his avatar.
    If anyone else has trouble uploading their AVATAR please let me know.


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    Hi John,

    Seems that there is more trouble for avatars, here's the test when i try to upload an avatar:

    Edit Avatar
    Your Current Avatar
    No Avatar Specified

    Avatars are small graphics that are displayed under your username whenever you post.
    [X]Do not use an avatar

    ## There is NO selection box to use an avatar, only the "Do not use an avatar" appears.
    ## At least, i was able to upload the profile picture
    --- Sly DC ---

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    Thanks Sly. I was afraid of that.
    If you want to message me your avatar I can add. It would be no trouble.
    Meanwhile I will try to fix the problem.
    Thank you!

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    Ok. Give it a shot now. The option should appear now.
    Just let me know if it doesn't.

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    Hi again John,

    It now works! Thanks very much!

    I've chosen the OMNI Commander as my avatar since i received the OMNI Space Defender watch way back for Xmas 1981,
    which i still have to this day (and still works too). The OMNI Space Defender is the BEST Space Invaders game clone on any WWG's.

    Here's the true story about my OMNI Space Defender watch:

    I saw this watch in the "Consumers Distributing" catalog of Winter 1981 (or was Sears X-Mas 1981 catalog...don't remember which...drat!),
    anyway i wanted soooo much this watch that i have cut-out the picture from the catalog and kept the picture on me all the time until
    Santa Claus (!) put it under the X-Mas tree in 1981.

    Just to say that i was like someone who won at the lottery, i was totally freaking out! Think i've played with the watch fro 2-3 days non-stop
    (except for eating & sleeping of course). I was wearing it so proudly and showing it to everybody. All my friends wanted! At school, one
    guy (René) in my English class (i was going to a French High Grade school at the time) also had a OMNI Space Defender watch and one day
    while doing an exam, i finished my exam earlier and was peeking to René watch and the teacher saw me peeking at René desk (she thought that
    i was peeking at René answers) and weld out loud in class: "Sylvain, are you peeking at René exams ?".

    Everybody in class stopped their exams and eyed me (that was a weird chilling experience) but i simply replied "No Mam, i was just checking René
    watch if it was synchronized with mine". You should have seen the teacher's face...hahahhahah!! Everybody in class was laughing like hell!

    Also at school diner time, we had an small Arcade parlour near the school which i was at every diner hour. I was charging 10 cents to play
    a game on my watch and this gave me money to be able to play Arcade games (ahh..those good old classics! Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, etc..).
    And one day, a fatal accident happened ... I don't remember which day but i remember the details like it was yesturday: I was going to take
    a shower and i've put my Space Defender watch on top of my clothes in the bathroom. But after i had taken my shower, the bathroom was filled
    with steam and i picked-up my watch and...AAARRGGHH!!! The watch was full of not panic...stay calm...

    So a few minutes later, i opened the watch and let it dry naturally for a whole day. The day after, every electronics parts looked OK so
    close the watch and...nothing !? Humm...OK then, i'll try a new battery...still nothing !! AARRGGHHH!!! My watch was DEAD!!!
    Just to say i was so sad that day and it felt like the world was going to end. Now to any of you, NEVER leave a watch in a bathroom,
    always leave it in your room before taking a shower.

    So after that faithful day, i've put the Space Defender watch in a small transparent plastic bottle and was put aside and forgotten...

    18 years later while unpacking some "junk" (mixed stuffs) boxes, i found my good old Space Defender watch and then remembered all
    those wonderful days i had with it (i was now 32 years old) and shed a small tear of joy while looking at it. The weirdest thing is that
    how on Earth i kept for so long this watch ?!? I was so damn sure i lost it or was thrown in the garbage but there is was! So the next thing
    i stopped unpacking those "junk" boxes and and told to myself "Why not try one more time to put a battery and to see what happens - for
    good old sake times ?!". So i went to the nearest jewelry store and brought a brand new battery. The store clerk (who happens to be the
    owner of the store) offered me to install the battery for free and did it right in front of me. After he finished installing the new battery,
    something magical happens....i heard a "bi-di-bip" sound...WHAT ?!?!?!!!

    NO!! It's not possible!!! (i was having goosebumps like hell!) Then the guy flips it and...OH MY %%?%? GOD!!! IT'S ALIVE!!! (i have scream that out
    loud in the store like Dr.Frankenstein in old flick movies) ...IT'S ALIVE!!! My good old watch was working like that same X-Mas day back in 1981.
    I was SSSOOOO @$%## happy that i gave $20 to the guy and told him to keep the change (the battery costed $4). The poor guy was looking
    at me like i was some looney who escaped an asylum...LOL!!!

    And now, my Space Defender watch is my Holy Grail of my WWG collection and i will never depart of it no matter what! So this is the true story
    of my OMNI Space Defender watch and to why i am so found of it.
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    --- Sly DC ---

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    I love stories like these. It is a great story. The watch that changed your

    It's surely great to have the exact one you had back then. Luckily it worked! I'll never find my exact one but it's nice to have one anyways.

    My story involves the GCE Arcade Time.


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    I was damn lucky to still having the watch. I've played so much with it that it's now pretty fragile but still works great.
    I also have a clone of this watch released by CompuChron so if i ever want to play, i'll fire up the CompuChron one and leave
    my old OMNI in it's display case.

    And i can count myself double lucky to still having my original watch and that it still works even if i thought it was completely dead.
    Good things can happen in life!

    Me too i love reading stories, you should share your GCE Arcade Time story!!
    --- Sly DC ---

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    Hey GWG. My avatar is pretty sweet. Good find mate. Thanks.

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    I really don't remember what happened to the watch. So many years ago much is fuzzy. I do remember many friends wanted to play it. And I remember I really loved it.

    I posted a basic story on the about us page of the GWG site.


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    Just finished reading your story and i like it!

    Those (80's) years were the best, video games, electronic handheld games, arcade games, etc...and wrist watch games,
    listening to Madonna, Micheal Jackson, Cindy Lauper, Wham, etc...and the beginning of Walkman's, music video clips, etc...
    OK, i'll stop right there, they were too much stuffs in those days and we didn't had internet (well we had BBS's ).

    Since then, not much have changed accept for some things has evolved. Just have to remember that as a kid, the world
    was much bigger than it seems.
    --- Sly DC ---

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