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Thread: Ghostbuster watch that does have the TIME! WOW!

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    Ghostbuster watch that does have the TIME! WOW!

    I have 2 Ghostbusters game watches. I had one for sale for a while. I just noticed the one I was selling has the time! I couldn't believe my eyes and I'm glad it never sold. I put the price at top dollar.
    It's completely unbelievable but one of these has the time and one is strictly a game.

    I'd call this the holy grail of Ghostbusters Game watches. Long believed to only be a game.



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    Here it is!
    The one on the left has the time! The one on the right is the wrist game only.



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    Very interesting! why make a wrist watch/game and have no time on it??? it even looks exactly the same,as the other one!
    Cool watch,I havent seen it before

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    Very weird!!

    But i agree with urbanflyman, both watches are exactly the same but one doesn't display the time ?
    Maybe there is a connector in the watch that was severed and doesn't display the time. If it's not the case, then you do have
    an extremely rare Ghostbusters watch!

    When i'll dig my WWG's collection, i'll check this out on my Ghostbusters watch.

    -- Sly DC ---

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    The packages are the same too. I was the first to open the package of the watch that has a clock.
    No mention of clock on either package. Just as the GI Joe this is known to be only a WRIST GAME.

    Your guess is as good as mine as for the reason one have the time!




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    What about the made date John? (year stamp)
    Which was made 1st? the time version or game version?

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