Hi All!

Welcome to the Forum! Please Read:

The spammers have already started so we must register this way.
Let's give this a try:

1.) Go ahead and Register for the forum if you are not a spammer.

2.) You will need to answer the trick question correctly to continue registering. If you have any trouble contact me from the contact form on my main website.

3.) You will get an email from the forum to continue your registration with the forum. Just follow the steps. Bla bla, same as most forums.

4.) I will have to manually validate you as a user. I will try to get to this as fast as I can so you can post. If you want feel free to contact me using the contact form on my main website. Let me know your username so I can validate you.

5.) Attention Spammers! Don't bother. This forum is checked every hour. If you do register successfully by lying or other, your username/ip address will be banned before any posts get seen. You will be banned very quickly so why bother wasting your time!

Easy Peasy!

And I welcome you again. It's good to have you here!
Please introduce yourself after you register. Let us know a little about yourself and why you like or collect game watches or other.