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Thread: Star Trek 2...really ??

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    Star Trek 2...really ??

    Check out this auction (Item #280860434113):

    Seller wrote: "...released for Star Trek 2"

    1st - Where on the watch does it mentions Star Trek 2 ? All here knows about the Collins Industrial Star Trek 2 watch
    but there is no mention of Star Trek on the Nelsonic version.

    2nd - Extremely rare ?? why there were at least three Nelsonic Space Attacker WWG on Upay this week ?

    3rd - The asked price: $749.95! I think he misplaced the dot...;P

    Result: I think this seller has read too much comics. At least it's not being sold in a comic book seal bag. Like would say
    Stan Lee: 'Nuff said!
    --- Sly DC ---

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    And I thought my prices were high! I know it's late but I think I missed this post.

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