Look at the game watch of the future. It's a shame.


Seems as if was a joke and the creators are on the back porch drinking it up saying:

Creator 1: "Ha, ha, ha, and they actually bought it.",

Creator 2: "But did they wear and enjoy it?"

Creator 1:We don't care if they never wore it now really, do we! Money is already in the bank.

Creator 2: "You're right and quite a lot of money it is! Thanks to the show I guess. Let see if we can sell them some rocks next!"

Yea... My fault too. We bought one of those Spy Kids watches for my son. Not to bad feature wise but the thing is freakin' huge! I didn't realize how huge since I bought it online. He is embarrassed to wear it and never has. I guess it will sit in his collection. Maybe one day it will be worth something but not for a wearable piece as it was intended by someone.


Kids watch the cartoons and like the power of imagination. Unfortunately some of today's toys aren't cutting the mustard. I mean come on, Transformers that don't transform (Could write much on this disaster too).


What's next!?

Luckily though the kids of today do have some really cool gadgets. Most by far better than we had in the 80's, just not watches!