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Thread: How much for a GameBoy watch ??

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    How much for a GameBoy watch ??

    Snapshot (for when it eventually goes from eBay):

    Looking at the feedback the buyer actually paid!
    I think this is the reason subsequent GameBoy watch auction prices went nuts.

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    I would have to say so! There's an auction on ebay for buy it now for $125 and the watch is not even in working order. In his description he makes a comment that watches like his just sold for over $340.

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    Not even the one with a game. I much rather like the Mario Race GameBoy watch.
    $345! Either some two where fighting over it or something fishy going on.

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    Good God!! $345 for a watch that looks like a mini Game Boy ??

    Try to get a Mani Industries Super Mario Race (dead preferable) and put in a cheap watch guts in it for displaying the time.
    That would cost easely less than $100.

    Better yet, there is one on Upay right now for about $20:

    Better act fast, the auctions end in about 14 hours when i posted this message.

    Or get one of these and slap a wrist band:

    Now THAT'S a great price! ($9.99)

    Or if you have $99.99 to spend, this auction has a BUY IT NOW (original Watchboy):
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