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Thread: Game Pen!

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    Game Pen!

    Anyone have and LCD Game pens? I have one and thing it might be cool to collect more.

    Here's the one I have.

    I also see a Spiderman one online. Any pics of ones you might have or others you can find please post in this thread or make a game pen gallery.



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    No LCD game pens but I do have working Etch-a-Sketch and Super Soaker pens

    Interesting idea, I hadn't thought of LCD game pens. Did a bit of eBay/google searching and found most are pretty cheap but I don't think any are as old as the usual suspects in the game watch world, they all appear to be late 90s and onwards.

    Here's a list of what I found to get you started

    Atari Asteroids
    Atari Block Drop
    Atari Combat
    Atari Millipede
    Coca-Cola F1 racing
    ESPN: Basketball
    ESPN: Invasion From Space
    ESPN: Skate Board
    ESPN: Space Pinball
    Excalibur Electronics: Mini Double Play Baseball
    Excalibur Electronics: Mini Jam Fest Basketball
    Excalibur Electronics: Mini Pizza Time
    Excalibur Electronics: Mini Quick Strike Soccer
    Excalibur Electronics: Mini Space Warp
    Excalibur Electronics: X-Mini Snow Boarding Arcade Pen
    Grand Prix Game Pen (looks same as Coca-Cola one)
    Micro Games Digital Poker
    Spiderman 2
    Star Wars Ep.1 Sith Infiltrator
    Star Wars Ep.1 Lightsaber Duel
    Tiger WCW/nWo
    Z Screen Alien Attack

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    Thank you for the list. I might start small by getting one here and there.

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