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Thread: Brag of the year (surely!)

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    Game Watcher: Thanks, just trying to figure out where many WWG's really comes from.

    urbanflyman: Well, Nelsonic did made watches, no question about that BUT not all the watches under their brand name. If you take Pac-Man
    or Frogger (as an example), those were made by another company which Nelsonic asked to put their logo on it. Same freaking thing with multitude
    dedicated Pong console. Like if you take Hanimex as an example, Hanimex was a picture camera and accessories worldwide distributer, but Pong
    consoles were made by Unisonic and so Hanimex distributed those Pong consoles worldwide under their brand name instead of Unisonic.

    So a company sells/distribute stuffs and a manufacturer manufactures/assembles stuffs for a company. Now the big problem is to find
    the manufacturers who made those WWG's...(a lot of future headaches).
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    Very confusing isnt it?
    Be good to know who created 'Jungle kong' not just who made it?
    We know who created burger time,donkey kong,frogger,pacman,space invaders etc!

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