HI Everyone. Today's Mega Mega Rare Watch of the Day is the Raid Off Bug Attack.
Not much known about this one. I haven't even tried the game for more than a minute myself.

After the battery died it didn't want to start up again. I had to disassemble and repair. Basically checking all clearances. If you over tighten any screws inside of a cheap plastic watch it will bulge up the plastic casing causing the distance between the LCD and contact strips to be greater, sometimes making contact not perfect.
After a full repair and cleaning it is once again going strong. It is an extremely cheap made piece on the inside.

I paid a pretty penny for this but in the day I believe it was a very cheap, like 20 bucks or so, mail in watch from a catalog.
If anyone has any info or the catalog that it appeared in please post. Feel free to comment about it too!


Click pic: