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Thread: Looks exactly like the Pac Man watch LCD

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    Sorry to hear that John,especially on that watch!
    Possible to repair in your opinion?
    Has anyone else on the forum got one? probs not I guess?
    Never see them for sale

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    Probably. I can give it more looking at. I think I need a more powerful magnifying glass.
    It is running but all characters are lit up, and frozen. All characters are sharp black. If I was to take out battery and reinsert it would work correct but parts of display would be dim.
    I might just take battery out for a while. Hopefully one will come around for sale, but then I know you really want one so it would be yours.

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    If you see one first,try and get it John! it wont be over here anywway!
    I love this frogger watch btw! lol

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    I spent some time on the Jungle Kong watch today. I did some repairing and cleaning and it is working well now. As well as can be expected for a 30 year old watch that wasn't really meant to last this long...
    I'm happy so I made a video:


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    Thats good going john!
    Its such a rare watch,nice you have had some joy with it!

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