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Thread: Mega Man 2 Watch

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    Mega Man 2 Watch

    I am looking for this watch or any information on it. I believe it was released around 1989-1994 time frame like Tiger watches we had here in the states such as castlevania,batman,double dragon etc. It looks like it was manufactured by Tiger and produced by GIG Electronics. Can't find what GIG stands for? Any input or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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    hi,i have this game,this is released only in italy by tiger/gig
    this is etremly rare!

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    Love your pictures also!
    Thanks for sharing!

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    Thanks for the pics Z3ldanator!

    Wished i knew that it existed a few years back when i had all the North American released version
    (even if i'm not a Mega Man fan).
    --- Sly DC ---

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