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news about new game watches
2012-09-28 New videos
Hi All.
I added a bunch of videos for watches in my collection. About 20 or so. You can see which has a video by using list view and you will see a "Has Video" column. A check mark will be there if it has a video. You can even click on the checkbox to go straight to the video.

2012-08-18 I added a couple videos of the GCE Sports Time Game Watch
Here's the videos of the watch in action.

2012-08-02 Forum!
It's new!. Register and ask all questions there preferably. Welcome!
GameWatchGuys Forum

2012-07-25 I added all new pictures of my collection as a whole.
See them here

2012-06-05 Videos!
Me and Neil made many videos of our watches. In "List View" you will see a check mark in the VIDEO column for all watches that currently have a video. Enjoy!

2012-05-04 New watches added!
I added:

Nixon Pong Game Watch by Nixon (YEAR: Unknown)
Game-20 Game Watch by Casio (YEAR: Unknown)
Calculator NO Game Watch by Pulsar (YEAR: Unknown)
Robocop Game Watch by Tiger (YEAR: 1990)
Round Calculator NO Game Watch by Citizen (YEAR: 1977)
Confederate Melody Game Watch by Waltham (YEAR: Unknown)

2012-04-20 I added 6 watches to the collection.
I added:
XXX-Rated Game Watch by Cheong Koon (YEAR: 1981)
Sea Ranger Game Watch by Gamma 2 (YEAR: Unknown)
Beauty and the Beast Game Watch by Tiger (YEAR: 1992)
Ms Pacman Game Watch by Nelsonic (YEAR: 1982)
Clown Esacpe Game Watch by Unknown (YEAR: Unknown)
Vox Watch Talking Watch by Radio Shack (YEAR: Unknown)

2012-03-23 I added 4 watches...
I added:

Alarm Chrono Random Game Watch by Alba (YEAR: Unknown)
Photo Holder Game Watch by Unknown (YEAR: Unknown)
Lighter Game Watch by Unknown (YEAR: Unknown)
Castle Run Game Watch by Nintendo (YEAR: 1990)

2012-03-19 A little story...
I added a little story on the About Us page.

2012-03-13 I added and update some watches!
I added:

Mario Egg Catch Game Watch by Nintendo

Pacman Game Watch by Waltham

Dick Tracy 2-Way Game Watch by Playmates

Space Maze Game Watch by Omni

I updated the box picture for the Dick Tracy Game Watch

Also my main display has changed greatly and for the better. I'll be taking new pictures of it as a whole soon.

2012-02-29 Updated FAQ and added watch
I updated the FAQ with some pictures and tips regarding the topic of opening a sealed package game watch.

I added:

The Little Mermaid Game Watch by Tiger

2012-02-23 Updated pictures for my second favorite game watch of all time!
Yes. Although my favorite is the GCE Arcade Time, this watch, my second favorite game watch, has the best game play of any game watch I know. Yep, it's the GCE Game Time watch! I updated the box pictures for the watch. Check it out here!

2012-02-22 The Whole Enchilada!
I added a new page called THE WHOLE ENCHILADA where I can post simple pics of my watch collection as a whole. Enjoy, thank for stoppin by!

2012-02-21 I added 3!
I added 3 watches today:

Street Fighter II Game Watch by Tiger

Pac Pen Game (not a watch) by MGA

Turbo Racing Game Watch by Nelsonic

2012-02-17 Feedback page
I added a feedback page. You can use it to drop in some comments or give us a rating. What ya think?

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